Why Legacy Security Tools won't cut it


Why Legacy Security Tools Won’t Cut It with Insider Threats

Today, insider risk and data loss prevention (DLP) are a top concern for organisations with a distributed workforce and increasing reliance on technology. Legacy, on-prem DLP technology hasn’t lived up to its promises. That’s because data loss begins with people – whether negligent, compromised or malicious insiders.

So how do you better protect your organisation against insider risks?

Watch on demand this webinar and demo to learn why you need to take a modern, people-centric, unified approach, that provides visibility and context – so you can stop people-led data loss before it becomes a costly incident – and mitigate insider threats.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The unique risks of insider threats and how to protect against data loss
  • How to balance prevention with detection and response policies
  • Practical tips from real-world breaches to strengthen your insider threat program

Followed by an expert-led demonstration of the Proofpoint Insider Threat Management.