White Paper

The Facts About Phishing

Every day, cyber criminals use malicious emails to try to scam individuals and organisations – a type of attack known as “phishing.”

What would you do if a suspicious stranger came up to you on the street and tried to lure you down a dark alley? You’d probably sense danger and either walk away quickly or call for help.

But what if the stranger approached you through email? You might feel it’s safe to click on a link in the email or open an attached file – but it’s a trap. Every day, cyber criminals use malicious emails to try to scam individuals and organisations – a type of attack known as “phishing.” Interacting with a phishing email carries serious risks for you, your employer, even your family and friends. Fortunately, by knowing important phishing facts, email scam facts, and threat tactics, everyone can learn to recognise and avoid these attacks.