White Paper

Protecting the End User

We're spending more than ever on cybersecurity. But attacks are still getting through,  jeopardising the confidential data, assets, and brand reputation of businesses around the globe.

The core problem is that traditional cybersecurity solutions are built to primarily protect the network, not the people at the heart of targeted attacks.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Assess user risk based on Proofpoint's VAP (Vulnerability, Access, Privilege) model
  • Mitigate user risk by reducing vulnerability, stopping threats and managing privilege
  • Deploy a people-centric cybersecurity solution at your organisation

Cyber attackers target people, not technology. To protect your organisation from today's advanced threats, security teams need to identify which users are vulnerable to attacks, who is being targeted the most, and what data and systems those users have privileged access to. This gated guide provides our readers with a blueprint for doing that. We reveal how companies can best assess and mitigate user risk and how they can use that information to implement a successful and people-centric cybersecurity strategy.

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