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New Phishing Attack Tricks Netflix Subscribers to Call Phony Customer Service Number

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I hear about new phishing scams almost daily. By now its hard to surprise me, however the most recent phishing attack on Netflix subscribers takes it to the next level.

As victims become more savvy and learn how to avoid these occurrences, scammers must find new ways to execute scams. In one of the newest phishing attacks, criminals use phishing emails to direct Netflix customers to a fake webpage ( which prompts the subscriber to enter their login and password information.

Victims are then directed to call a phony customer service number. The fake Netflix representative pretends to troubleshoot the problem, gains the victims trust, and recommends the download of “Netflix support software.”

In reality, the customer installs a remote login software program that provides scammers with complete access to and control of their computer. The scheme also involves offering the customer a discounted antivirus package in an attempt to get the victim to scan and send copies of photo IDs and credit cards to pay for the software.

Click here to view a video recording of the scam.

So how can we protect ourselves? Well to start, check all URLs. Suspicious URLs should never be clicked on. The URL shown here is clearly not a Netflix url. is the domain of the web page that the scam victims visited. Before calling, verify the customer service phone number. Reliable sources such as billing statements or corporate websites will have the correct contact numbers. If you must allow a third party control of your computer, be very careful. Lastly, if a vendor requests a picture or scanned copy of your actual credit card or ID, never send them.