P Is for Phishing...but Cyber Security Is Bigger Than One Letter

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Wombat_ABCs2016.jpgNo argument here: Phishing attacks are the big, bad wolf of end-user end-arounds. As in the fairy tale, those who are better prepared will stand stronger in the face of an attack. But unlike the lore, in one breath, a good phishing email can knock down even the most thoughtfully constructed external defenses. And here's something else you might not have considered: While you're focusing on barring the front door against phishers, you could be ignoring the fact that your end users are leaving windows unlocked and inviting social engineers through the back door unchecked.

This is why we've long advocated that organizations think beyond simulated attacks and consider the other ways end-user actions can impact security. Because (as reflected by the infographic below) phishing emails are not the only way for fraudsters to get their hooks into your organization. 


We Can Teach Your Users the ABCs of Cyber Security

Let's be clear: We absolutely advise that anti-phishing training be a primary — and ongoing component of your security awareness training program. But are your end-users also falling victim to vishing scams? Are they giving imposters access to secure data and systems? Do they know how to protect sensitive data throughout its lifecycle? Do they understand the implications of open-access WiFi networks? These and many other threats are lurking out there (and that's not just a bunch of huffing and puffing).

When it comes to cyber security, it's clear that what your end users don't know can hurt you. Our industry-leading SaaS-based solutions are designed to help you create a culture of security, one in which best practices become habits, not suggestions. We continuously seek opportunities to help our customers mitigate end-user risk, and our portfolio of assessment and training products reflects our commitment to strengthening defenses and improving cyber security hygiene at all levels.


Ready to cast a wider net with your security awareness and training program? Our award-winning CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments will help you evaluate your end users' understanding of many relevant cyber security topics — including your organization's policies and compliance-related issues.