Ransomware: Advice for Your End Users

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Wombat_Vlog_2016.jpgIn this video blog entry, Wombat CTO Trevor Hawthorn offers ransomware advice that's designed to be shared with end users. He explains what ransomware is, why it's dangerous, and what users can do if they suspect an email might be a ransomware attack. He also provides guidance about what they can do if they think they have made a mistake and downloaded malware. 

This brief video allows you to share practical information with your end users in terms they can understand. It is a good companion to our Email Security and URL Training interactive modules, which provide hands-on training about phishing methods, malicious URLs, and the different techniques cyber criminals use to trick end users into compromising data and sytems.


Curious to hear more about the evolution of ransomware and what the future might hold? Check out our inaugural vlog entry: