Security Current Podcast: Hurdling Obstacles to Security Training and Awareness Success

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Tune in to the Security Current's Episode 80 podcastTune into the latest Security Current podcast, featuring Wombat’s own Vice President of Marketing, Amy Baker, who provides advice CSOs and CISOs can use to overcome the challenges they face in implementing cyber security awareness training programs.

In Episode 80: Hurdling Obstacles to Security Training and Awareness Success, Baker and Security Current’s Vic Wheatman discuss key opportunities to engage users at all organizational levels, with employees and executives working together to protect data, people, and systems.

Listen now to learn why technical safeguards are only part of an effective security posture. End-user security awareness and training can — and should — deliver a measurable return on investment and significantly reduce business risks. Though technology helps to protect against a range of threats, only security education can turn employees into an active line of defense.


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