Nexus Threat Graph

Multi-Vector Community Threat Intelligence

Get unmatched protection with threat intelligence that combines trillions of real-time data points across multiple threat vectors around the world, advanced AI and machine learning, and a global research team that keeps you ahead of today’s biggest cyber threats.

Our unmatched insight includes:


daily emails analysed


daily URLs analysed


daily attachments analysed


cloud accounts monitored


cloud application cataloged


worldwide IDS sensors


daily unique malware samples discovered


domains monitored daily


social media accounts monitored


threat actors tracked

Proofpoint Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence DNA

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been in the DNA of Proofpoint from the beginning. In the early days, we used machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide you with comprehensive detection that guarded against spam. But as the landscape has changed, and threats have become increasingly sophisticated, so has our machine learning engines. Attackers are using many different threat types to target your people. These include phishing, ransomware, supply chain attacks and business email compromise. Proofpoint NexusAI machine learning continuously learns, grows and builds on the past two decades of experience. This gives you the best efficacy against the ever-changing threat landscape.

Multilayered Machine Learning, Sandboxing Detection, and Human Analysis

As threats evolve, you need a solution that can identify and adapt to new threat trends at scale. There are many different techniques that attackers use today and that’s why you need to learn as much as you can about every single threat to improve the overall effectiveness of the solution.

Every potential threat we see is run through a multilayered detection stack: NexusAI machine learning engines, sandboxing engines, and human analysis.

  • NexusAI Machine Learning: The NexusAI engine continuously analyses trillions of datapoints and adjusts threat models to address changing attacker tactics across email and cloud.
  • Advanced Sandboxing Detection: Proofpoint runs multiple sandboxes and analyses to detect anything with malware, malicious code or even sandbox evasion techniques.
  • Human Analysis: Our global team of threat researchers also analyse threats seen across our customer base to better learn the behaviors of these threats. We also track over 100+ attackers to understand their motives and tactics. And we use this information to better protect your organisation and your people.  

Multi-vector Community Threat Intelligence

The data from our NexusAI Machine Learning, advanced sandboxing detection and human analysis is then correlated, passed to the Nexus Threat Graph and used throughout the portfolio to better protect you and help you stay ahead of threats. No matter the size of your organisation, you get the advantage of real-time protection against the latest threats. There’s nothing for you to install, configure or manage. And you get the benefits from this network of shared threat intelligence.