Update: Advanced Anti-Phishing Training Series, Platform Enhancements

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We are excited to announce a new series of product updates that are designed to help our customers deliver advanced, effective security awareness training programs that will help their end users recognize and avoid cyberattacks. These enhancements to our Security Education Platform include a new anti-phishing training series and localized translations, advanced reporting features, updates to our PhishAlarm® product, and a new user interface.

“We believe these new features enhance our already robust offering, and enable Wombat to provide the most comprehensive and accessible software to our customers so they can focus on training end users to serve as a true line of defense in protecting their organizations from an attack,” said Kurt Wescoe, Chief Architect at Wombat Security. “As technology rapidly evolves and organizations operate in increasingly boundaryless, global environments, Wombat will continue to meet and anticipate our customers’ needs.”


Securing Your Email – Advanced Anti-Phishing Training Series

The new Securing Your Email – Advanced series includes interactive modules dedicated to providing heightened training to help end users manage email. This series also helps to educate employees about best practices with mobile email, an important topic given that users regularly store company information and access corporate systems via their mobile devices.

The three interactive and engaging mini-modules are designed to be completed in approximately 5 to 7 minutes and are set to release on September 23:

  • Email Protection Tools – Teaches end users how to identify malicious links when industry-leading email protection tools are in use.
  • Email Security on Mobile Devices – Creates skills in identifying phishing attacks received on a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Spear Phishing Threats – Teaches users how to avoid sophisticated spear phishing attacks that use specific details pertinent to their personal or business-related information.

Combined with Wombat’s previously released anti-phishing training — including the Securing Your Email – Fundamental series, as well as six additional anti-phishing education modules — Wombat customers have access to the most comprehensive and effective approach to training end users on how to stop phishing attacks.

PhishAlarm Enhancements

Our recently released PhishAlarm email reporting features include the ability to customize the email reporting add-in button, and the patent-pending feature to whitelist emails from trusted senders to reduce false end-user reports of legitimate emails. Reducing the number of legitimate emails reported as a phish can save countless hours of helpdesk and/or infosec response team efforts.

Localization of Training Modules

To continue to serve global organizations, we enhanced our already broad translation library with localized training content in more than 30 languages across all modules. Localization takes translations to the next level and makes content more culturally relevant, including references such as regional currencies, names, locations, dates, and time formats.

Localization differentiates us from our competitors, whose translated training content often still reflects US terms and references. (For example, a Wombat module translated into Japanese will refer to currency as Yen instead of dollars.) Localized training content is more relevant to end users; it allows organizations to deliver consistent training across a global user base and leads to longer learning retention — key success factors in a security awareness and training program.

Enhanced Reporting Features

Our new dynamic CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments benchmark report allows end users at an individual organization to see how their performance compares to other end users around the world. Additionally, the option to save filters was added to provide easier insight into changing program results. Automated Reporting will be released soon; this feature will allow you to automatically send report results to stakeholders and/or managers at designated intervals to increase their involvement in your organization’s security awareness training program.

New UX Across the Security Education Platform

All these new features are easily accessed by program administrators through our new easy-to-use interface with standard left-hand navigation and quick links to products and popular reports across the Security Education Platform. The new UX places the focus on assignments to allow administrators to optionally force the order in which modules are taken within a specific assignment, providing greater control in the training process.