Simulated Attacks, Knowledge Assessments, and Very Attacked People

Security Awareness Training

It’s one thing to understand which of your users are susceptible to simulated phishing attacks. It’s another to understand real phishing susceptibility and vulnerability in other key security awareness areas. Our unique people-centric approach gives you the insight you need. We provide you with Very Attacked People (VAP)™ reports, phishing simulation attacks, and knowledge assessments. With these tools, you can run a more effective security awareness program.

See user risk through a whole new lens

We take your unique people-centric risk profile and map it to a targeted, data-driven security awareness training program. We use real-world data on the threats and people being attacked in your organisation. And we provide phishing simulation attacks and knowledge assessments to give you a richer user risk profile. What’s more, our built-in automation provides easy ways for you to assign targeted education to your users based off these assessments.

  • Use our VAP reports to understand which of your users are being attacked and what attacks they’re being targeted with.
  • Send simulated phishing, SMS and USB attacks using thousands of templates. These are based on lures seen in tens of billions of messages a day by Proofpoint threat intelligence.
  • Simulate link-based, attachment-based, and data-entry style attacks using features like system click detection, random scheduling, and multiple templates per campaign to get a more accurate measurement.
  • Easily send predefined and custom knowledge assessments on today’s most important cybersecurity and compliance topics to get a baseline on user security awareness knowledge.
  • Auto enrol users who fall for simulated attacks and fail knowledge assessments into targeted simulated phishing training.

Very Attacked People

Simulated Attacks, Knowledge Assessments, and Very Attacked People

With our VAP Reports, you can quickly understand who your most attacked people are, how they’re being attacked, and if they’re engaging with malicious messages. And by focusing on these critical populations in your organization, you can reduce your overall risk.

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ThreatSim Simulated Attacks: Phishing Tests, USB, and SMS Simulations

Simulated Attacks, Knowledge Assessments, and Very Attacked People

You can set up simulated phishing tests, USB, and SMS campaigns in minutes to gauge your user’s susceptibility to these important threat vectors. You then understand user vulnerability and how your organisation compares with other customers. You can also see whether your users are demonstrating positive behaviour by reporting simulated messages using the included PhishAlarm email reporting add-in.

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CyberStrength Knowledge Assessments: Gauge User’s Security Awareness

Simulated Attacks, Knowledge Assessments, and Very Attacked People

Use predefined assessments on topics like data protection, passwords, compliance topics, phishing and more with hundreds of questions in 35+ languages. This allows you to answer questions like: Who are my most and least knowledgeable users? Which security topics do my users struggle with? Do my users understand how to use phishing tools to prevent fraud and attacks? How do my results compare with peers in my industry? You can also use custom assessments to gauge user understanding of your procedures and policies.

Are your users security-aware?

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