Proofpoint Enters into Agreement for ObserveIT Acquisition to Extend People-Centric Security

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Today Proofpoint entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ObserveIT, the leading insider threat management platform, to enhance our market-leading information protection capabilities to detect and mitigate data risks and insider threats across email, cloud, and the endpoint.

We are thrilled to welcome the ObserveIT team to Proofpoint. Our customers face a post-perimeter, cloud-first world where traditional forms of visibility and data loss prevention (DLP) are no longer enough. More than 50% of the Fortune 1000 trust us to protect what matters: their people and the data they access—making the addition of ObserveIT technology an important next step.

More and more users are accessing corporate data from endpoint off the corporate network in both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. In order to stay protected in an increasingly remote, cloud-based world, organizations must ensure they have the most effective people-centric security controls in place to understand how, when, and where users interact with critical data and IP. That visibility is necessary to stop data breaches using compromised credentials, malware-infected endpoints, or perpetrated by malicious insiders. Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) needs to evolve from a legacy, perimeter-based control (or worse, an expensive compliance checkbox) into an intelligent, activity-based solution to detect and respond to risks to data across cloud apps, email, and lightweight endpoint agents.

And with ObserveIT, we will deliver the first truly innovative enterprise DLP offering in years.

With this acquisition, Proofpoint will extend its DLP capabilities with endpoint joining email, CASB, and data-at-rest to form an enhanced enterprise DLP offering. This integrated DLP platform will deliver real-time detection of the anomalous interactions across people, data, devices, and applications allowing security teams to understand and respond to data being mishandled, whether on a corporate device, in a cloud app like Office 365, or via email.

The combination of ObserveIT’s leading lightweight endpoint agent technology and data risk analytics with Proofpoint’s industry leading information classification, threat detection, and intelligence, will give enterprises unprecedented insights into user activity with their sensitive data, wherever it resides.

In tandem, Proofpoint will invest in ObserveIT’s leading insider threat management solution, which empowers security teams to detect, investigate, and prevent potential insider threat incidents by delivering real-time alerts and actionable insights into user activity. The ObserveIT insider threat management solution will continue to be available and its customers will also benefit from Proofpoint’s leadership in people-centric cybersecurity security, leveraging broader threat intelligence and R&D resources as ObserveIT continues to execute on their vision of helping organizations stop insider threats.

For more information on today’s news please see our press release, and for more insight on our Proofpoint information protection solution, please visit: Additional information on ObserveIT’s insider threat management solution is also available: