Why Proofpoint

Your most valuable asset is also your best defense: your people

Outdated view of an attack

Perimeter-only strategies are a thing of the past. Digital transformation and the cloud have forever altered our infrastructures, while mobile technologies and remote access have changed your people’s workstyles.

Modern view of an attack

Your people are your new perimeter. Because attackers now see people as their target of choice,
it's time to shift your strategy to defending your users—wherever and however they work. The right insights, the right technology and the right training make people your first and most effective line of defense.

Protection Starts With People

Solutions that work together. Solutions that build on each other. People-centric solutions to keep your business secure, in compliance, and thriving.

Combat Data Loss and Insider Risk

The human element behind data loss.

Change User Behavior

You protect your people—and your people can protect you.

Combat Email and Cloud Threats

Email and cloud security everywhere your people work.

Defend Your Remote Workforce

Connected, compliant and secure: Meet the new remote workforce.

Protect Cloud Apps

Keep your people and their cloud apps secure.

Intelligent Compliance

Digital communication has evolved—so has compliance.

Secure Microsoft 365

Next-level protection and compliance for Microsoft 365.

Prevent Loss from Ransomware

Stop attacks by securing today’s top ransomware vector: email.

Uncertain About Your Symantec Future?

Upgrade Your Symantec Solutions to Proofpoint

Prepare for the E-Pocalypse

Authenticate Your Email ASAP

Tap into our expertise with Managed and Advisory Services

Tap into the power of the Proofpoint Nexus Threat Intelligence Platform

Security fueled by AI, machine learning, and real time analytics for defense that current up to the nanosecond.

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We sandbox
1 17 M+
Attachments per day
We Analyze
1 26 B+
URLs Per Day
We Monitor
1 16 M+
Cloud Accounts
We analyze
1 2 B+
Email messages per day
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