Business Email Compromise: Prevent Wire Transfer Fraud & W-2 Phishing

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Last updated: December 27, 2018

WombatProofpoint_Blog_BEC_July2018Though business email compromise (BEC) phishing attacks continue to plague organizations worldwide, many end users still don't fully appreciate the danger. Employees are not aware of how sophisticated these targeted social engineering attacks can be, the very real threat they pose to personal funds and reputations, and the impact they can have on organizations. 

As we've discussed in other posts, BEC scams can be particularly sneaky, as clever spoofing techniques (or even outright credential compromise) make these scams difficult for targets to spot. As well, cybercriminals use social media, vishing (voice phishing) calls, and other outlets to gather details and personalize these attacks, lending them a familiar and trustworthy air. Because these types of spear phishing attacks can directly compromise organizations via wire transfer fraud or requests for sensitive data (like employees' W-2 tax statements), they immediately impact a business's bottom line and/or credibility.

To help you further your security awareness training, we've created the following infographic, which explains what a BEC attack is, highlights the pervasiveness of this cybersecurity threat vector, and offers tips for prevention and protection. 


Our infographics and other free security awareness materials can help you build a culture of security within your organization.



Please feel free to share this free resource with your employees as part of your cybersecurity awareness and training initiatives. If you prefer a PDF version, you can find it here.