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Infographic: What Impact Does Phishing Have on Your Business?

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Phishing emails wreak havoc on businesses and can trick even tech-savvy employees. What percentage of employees — tech-savvy or not — click on phishing emails? What forms of phishing emails do employees fall for most? And how long does it typically take, once a phishing email arrives in an inbox, for employees to take the bait?

In this infographic, you'll find recent statistics about phishing and the toll these attacks take on organizations. Once you've reviewed the graphic, download the ThreatSim State of the Phish to learn more. 

 What Impact Does Phishing Have on Your Business?


This article was originally posted on the ThreatSim® blog. ThreatSim was acquired by Wombat Security in October 2015. To learn more about Wombat's simulated attacks and other assessment tools, including ThreatSim, visit our website. We have developed a continuous approach to security awareness training that helps reduce the risks associated with phishing attacks and other prevalent cyber security threats.