Security Awareness Training for Federal

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Proofpoint’s security awareness training solutions engage your end users and arm them against real-world cyber attacks, using personalized training based on our industry-leading threat intelligence. Instead of wasting time with one-size-fits-all content, we help deliver the right training to the right people at the right time. Turn your end users into a strong last line of defense against phishing and other cyber attacks.

Assess End User Risk

  • ThreatSim Simulated Phishing Attacks: Assess end-user vulnerability to the latest phishing threats using email templates based on real-world attacks identified through Proofpoint’s world-class threat intelligence.
  • CyberStrength Knowledge Assessments: Assess users’ security awareness knowledge with our powerful end-to-end knowledge assessment tool. Choose from 230+ built-in questions and 12 predefined assessments or create custom questions and

Train and Engage Employees

  • Interactive Training: Train the right users using auto-enrollment from failed phishing simulations or knowledge assessments. Focused 5-15 minute computer-based training is refreshed to keep pace with today’s evolving threat landscape and can be taken anytime, anywhere, on any connected device.
  • Awareness Videos and Materials: Keep employees engaged with content that offers consistent, actionable messaging in a wide variety of formats.
  • Customization: Our self-service Customization Center gives administrators the ability to change training content to reflect the unique needs of their organizations.

Report Phishing Emails and Stop Active Attacks

  • PhishAlarm: Our phishing email reporting button makes it easy for your users to report phishing and reinforces positive behavior by immediately thanking users for reporting suspicious emails.
  • PhishAlarm Analyzer: Provides a real-time ranking of reported emails in order of threat potential, saving your response team time by having them focus on only the most imminent and dangerous threats.
  • Closed Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR): CLEAR offers the shortest path from reporting to remediation by quarantining phishing attacks that slip past perimeter defenses with Proofpoint’s Threat Response Auto Pull (TRAP) product. By automatically streamlining the response team tasks to remediate, the time needed to neutralize an active threat is reduced from days to minutes.

End-User Risk Measurement

  • Business Intelligence: Get the granular and high-level visibility you need into your end users’ interactions with assessments, simulated attacks, training assignments, and phishing reporting. Focus on the most vulnerable areas, topics, and people to guide continuous improvement of your program. Automatically schedule reports to key parties, utilize custom properties of end users, and customize reports to suit your organization’s needs.

Essential Information

  • FedRAMP In Process
  • U.S.-owned
  • Governmentwide Acquisition Contact (GWAC) availability
  • SaaS-based platform with dedicated Customer Engagement Manager and Support
  • Accessibility
    • Training modules conform to the US Section 508 standard and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standard
  • Security architecture certifications
    •  Annual independent 3rd-party Data Privacy Assessment by TRUSTe
    • Self-certified with EU-US Privacy Shield and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks
    • Cloud Security Alliance STAR Self-Assessment
    • Okta Integration Partner for Single-Sign On