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Threat Insight Blog

Threat Insight Blog

Cybersecurity research and commentary on malware, user actions, and other threats to information security

Jul 28

Massive AdGholas Malvertising Campaigns Use Steganography and File Whitelisting to Hide in Plain Sight

Posted by Kafeine | 0

Proofpoint and Trend Micro researchers collaborated to detect and analyze a sophisticated, previously undocumented malvertising campaign that exposed millions of users every day to attacks that employed steganography and multi-layered filtering.

26 July 2016

Threat Actors Using Legitimate PayPal Accounts To Distribute Chthonic Banking Trojan

Posted by | 0

Proofpoint researchers discovered a new delivery mechanism for malware - PayPal money request messages with both a link to Chthonic and a socially engineered request for $100.

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