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Threat Insight Blog

Threat Insight Blog

Cybersecurity research and commentary on malware, user actions, and other threats to information security

Aug 18

Dridex Returns To Action For Smaller, More Targeted Attacks

Posted by Proofpoint Staff | 0

Proofpoint researchers have been tracking numerous small Dridex campaigns over the past few months, as well as a mid-sized campaign this week that point not to the displacement of Dridex by Locky but rather far more targeted distribution of the infamous banking Trojan, as well as potential impact in new geographies.

12 August 2016

Bad News Bears - Panda Banker Starts Looking More Like a Grizzly

Posted by | 0

Proofpoint researchers track a large 2-day campaign employing the Zeus Panda banking Trojan to target banks in Europe and Australia, international online payment systems, and, interestingly, UK online casinos.

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