Redefining Cybersecurity and Focusing on the Intersection of Information and People

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My name is Brian Reed, and I’m happy to announce that I have joined Proofpoint as a cybersecurity evangelist. 

Most recently I was a research analyst at Gartner, where I authored over 50 research notes since 2015 on cloud security, data security, incident response, insider threat management and security awareness. I was the lead author for the last two Gartner Magic Quadrants for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention. I also authored and published research in 2017 titled “It’s Time to Redefine DLP” (Gartner subscription required) as Gartner transitioned DLP coverage from a Magic Quadrant to a Market Guide. The information protection problem remains largely unsolved for security leaders. I believe Proofpoint takes a unique approach to People-Centric DLP to look not only at content but also to understand behaviors and threats. It is not only malicious users that pose a risk to your organization. DLP programs must not be treated as checkbox-driven exercises that only focus on narrow use cases.

In my role at Proofpoint, I will be working across the company to ensure that we remain vigilant in communicating Proofpoint’s value and commitment to our customers. Just as many of the security decisions organizations make often come down to people, processes and technologies, those same three factors weighed heavily in my decision to join the team at Proofpoint. 

The single biggest factor when joining any organization is people. I have known many members of the Proofpoint team for several years, and there is a strong degree of shared vision and strategic approach to solving modern security challenges. Security requires a platform level approach that cannot be solved through trying to combine disparate tools and approaches, sprinkled with a bit of orchestration. Security platforms must solve problems and show measurable value in business terms, not just in technical capabilities.  

From a process standpoint, Proofpoint has taken a strategic mindset to the build-buy-partner approach. The recent acquisitions of ObserveIT and The Defence Works, as well as the combined partnership with Crowdstrike, Netskope and Okta further highlight a strong security platform and thriving ecosystem of adaptive security for our clients and partners.  

Simply put, the technology at Proofpoint and the problems we can solve at scale are compelling. Proofpoint’s 2020 State of the Phish Report notes that nearly 90 percent of global organizations surveyed were targeted with business email compromise (BEC)and spear phishing attacks. Working with a foundational understanding of securing how organizations collaborate, Proofpoint is well-positioned to adapt and evolve to other people-centric methods of information compromise. 

Finally, as a call to action, I want to hear from you! If you are a Proofpoint customer (or a prospective customer), one of our global partners, a vendor interested in how we can work together, or if you are interested in possibly growing your career at Proofpoint—we are hiring—please reach out. You can email me or connect with me on Twitter or Linkedin.