Proofpoint Security Awareness Training Announces FedRAMP In Process Status

Proofpoint Achieves FedRAMP Certification for Proofpoint Email and Information Protection Services and Targeted Attack Protection

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Proofpoint is proud to announce that we have been awarded a FedRAMP Moderate Level certification for Proofpoint Email and Information Protection Services, which includes Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) to protect government agencies from email-based cybersecurity threats and insider threats.

We are proud to add these products to our portfolio of FedRAMP-certified solutions, which has included our Archive product since 2016. By investing to achieve FedRAMP certifications for our industry-leading security solutions, we are committing to serve federal agencies and the entire public sector.

Proofpoint already protects many of the largest customers in the world, including more than half of the Fortune 1000 and many government agencies. This provides Proofpoint extensive, unparalleled visibility into the threat landscape to rapidly detect and neutralise emergent email threats.

We know that government agencies strive to secure and modernise critical systems from cybersecurity threats and insider threats. Email is by far the most frequent and prolific source of advanced attacks – more than 90% of advanced attacks start with email. Threat actors continue to adapt tools and techniques across attack types to exploit a range of vulnerabilities, including social engineering to trick people into clicking on malicious attachments or URLs.

Proofpoint brings innovative solutions to protect against insider threats, operationalise compliance enforcement and protect from external advanced email threats.

Proofpoint’s solutions provide people-centric attack visibility, message traffic authentication and domain integrity. Additionally, our solutions prevent social engineering attacks, including impersonation and credential phishing in a “cloud first” service offering. Our solutions are designed to reduce analyst research time, automatically identify and surface malicious activity, minimise digital risk and streamline overall security operations. Our cloud-delivered service offerings serve to harden your security stack while decreasing your infrastructure foot print.

To learn more about our FedRAMP-certified solutions, please see the following links: