Proofpoint and Amazon Web Services

Enabling people-centric security for AWS

Amazon Web Services have been a key enabler to IT digital transformation efforts, however organisations need security and compliance tools to manage associated risks.

  • Compromised Accounts
  • Unauthorised Access
  • Data loss and Exfiltration
  • Email Spoofing
  • Compliance Violations
  • Suspicious Network Activity
  • Insider Threats
  • Shadow IT
AWS Select Technology Partner

Dynamic security and compliance controls to manage access and data.

AWS has enabled the modern workforce to be cloud-based and remotely distributed, making them a prime target of today’s cyber attacks. Threat actors have shifted their attention from the old network perimeter to people and the data, systems and resources they access. In this evolving environment, securing access to AWS resources, preventing data loss and staying compliant is critical.

Proofpoint for AWS

Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security Platform

Reviewed by AWS, it brings together Proofpoint Enterprise DLP, Proofpoint Insider Threat Management, CASB, ZTNA, Browser Isolation and Web Security.

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