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In today’s world, it’s hard to keep up. You face hyper data growth and an evolving regulatory environment. Not to mention the proliferation of social and collaboration platforms. All of this means your legal, compliance, and security pressures are increasing. Proofpoint Archive can help you relieve these pressures. It provides you with a modern, cloud-native archiving solution that simplifies your legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and user data access.

Features and Benefits

Meet today’s compliance, e-discovery and information access needs

Simplify E-Discovery

With Enterprise Archive, you can meet your e-discovery obligations. And you can do it quickly, cost-effectively and defensibly. Our fully automated data archiving solution helps you collect, preserve, discover and manage the disposition of information. And it works across the industry’s broadest collection of electronically stored information (ESI) sources. That includes email, enterprise collaboration data, social media data and SMS messages. And with our advanced e-discovery features, you can expedite early case assessments, empower your legal team, and achieve proactive litigation readiness. With Enterprise Archive, you get:

  • Centrally managed search results in seconds, with review and legal-hold activity across all content
  • Self-service control for legal teams through proven and intuitive e-discovery workflow to minimize IT burden
  • Unlimited self-service and high-performance export to multiple file formats
  • Optional e-discovery visualization, case management and machine learning analytics to enable a smarter case strategy

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Supervise digital communications

We make compliance secure and simple for even the most highly complex and regulated organizations. With Enterprise Archive, you can easily create and enforce retention policies. You also maintain flexibility. This makes it easy for you to adapt as your business grows and regulatory requirements evolve. Enterprise Archive offers:

  • Policy-driven retention into a central repository for email, IM, social media, enterprise collaboration and website content
  • SEC 17a-4 compliant capture, storage and access
  • Optional Intelligent Supervision to simplify workflow, review and reporting
  • Optional NexusAI for Compliance, which uses machine learning to significantly reduce low-value supervision content

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Reduce complexity and cost

With a cloud-based architecture, Enterprise Archive helps IT teams quickly and securely deliver value back to the business. Avoid the headaches of managing your data archive in-house. Easily manage data growth. And meet today’s demands for retention and retrieval while your data is secure.

With Enterprise Archive, you know where all your critical data is stored. And you can quickly collect, search and retrieve that data on demand. By streamlining these information-management challenges, you can reduce the risk of costly fines, adverse inferences, and damaged reputations. With Enterprise Archive, you get:

  • Simplified maintenance, with total cost of ownership less than legacy email archive solutions
  • Hyper-fast search as data and users grow
  • Easy, self-service access for end users
  • Uncompromised protection and encryption with optional DoubleBlind Key Architecture
  • SSAE-18 SOC 2 Type II certified datacenters and internal operating procedures

FINRA Compliance Directory for Email Archive

Proofpoint Email Archive products are included in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory. This directory is designed as a convenient, one-stop source for securities firms searching for vendors that offer compliance-related products and services.

FINRA members: Log in to view the FINRA Compliance Directory.

Empower user search

Empower your users to search for their own archived information by provisioning access to their Personal Archive. Powerful yet intuitive, its browser-based search enables filtering that’s based on various criteria. This includes keywords, senders/recipients, date ranges and info tags. This streamlines access to results. Your users can pinpoint archived information quickly, regardless of whether the search is run from a plug-in to a Windows-based Outlook client or from desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

  • Customize preferences to specify defaults for landing page, search, search results and exports
  • Save common searches to easily run later without additional configuration
  • Use Builder to easily specify what search keywords to include and/or exclude
  • Copy all or selected search results to a folder for easy categorization, and share with others if needed
  • Leverage an intuitive mobile app on Apple iPhone or Google Android for fast access to archived information

Longest running leader

Learn how Proofpoint Enterprise Archive stacks up against the rest in Gartner’s MQ for Enterprise Information Archiving.

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People-centric compliance

Combine archiving with Proofpoint capture, e-discovery, and supervision to meet long-term information retention requirements.

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Protecting your archive

Rely on patented Proofpoint encryption technology for unmatched security and privacy controls for your archived information.

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Real-time insight on threats to help you prioritize and act on them

Email threats are constantly evolving. Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) evolves with them to detect and resolve new threats as they arise.