Capture, manage and retain your digital communications

Compliance and Archiving

Electronic communications and collaboration tools are a must for today’s businesses. Capturing these communications can challenge and strain limited IT resources. Proofpoint makes it simple for you to capture, manage and archive social media and digital communications across sources.

Guide to Global Digital Communications Compliance for Regulated Industries

Digital Compliance Guide

Get our Digital Communications Compliance Guide for a detailed look at regulations by country and industry.

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Connect content across sources

Proofpoint Content Capture gathers content across your digital channels and delivers it to your repository, regardless of the user’s device or location. With our modular design, you purchase just the connections you need.


Format data for easier analysis

We deliver content to your repository solution in a consistent format. This makes it easier for you to map conversations and supervise across sources. And where allowed by the source, we include contextual details such as message threading and attachments.


Remove the burden of maintenance

With Content Capture, your IT team no longer needs to maintain fragile connections between your repository solution and each of your content sources. We perform ongoing QA and manual review to flag all changes to content sources. And we update our connectors accordingly, to keep the content flowing.


Monitor social media as it happens

Our Content Patrol for Social enables your social media compliance teams to monitor content and potential threats in near real time across sensitive public platforms. Teams can enforce compliance policies at scale and remove risky content quickly, in some cases even before it is published.



Tap into our full compliance suite

Content Capture fits seamlessly into our full archiving and compliance solution. The full enterprise digital archiving solution includes the award-winning Proofpoint Enterprise Archive and unparalleled e-discovery data analytics and supervision tools. You get end-to-end digital compliance coverage across your electronic communication channels.