Identity Threat Detection and Response

Proofpoint Spotlight helps automatically prevent identity threats and detect lateral movements.

When attackers first land on a host, it’s very rarely their end target. This means they need to escalate privilege and move laterally to achieve their objectives. It’s fast, easy, and effective for them to exploit privileged credentials. It’s also hard for organisations to detect. With Spotlight, you can detect these privilege escalations and lateral movements across your environments.

Features and Benefits

Discovery and remediation of privileged identity vulnerabilities and policy violations

Continuous discovery and inspection of AD

Spotlight continuously inspects Enterprise AD, Azure AD and PAM to discover and prioritise your identity vulnerabilities. With Spotlight you can detect:

Getting started with Proofpoint Spotlight

Automatic risk remediation

Simplify the cleanup of identity vulnerabilities:

  • Automatically purge risks from endpoints and servers
  • Access the identity risk dashboard for full visibility and alerting of automatic risks remediated
  • Easily harden your identity security posture
  • Effectively assess the risks of newly acquired environments

Accurately detect and respond

Detect identity threats that evade traditional and non-traditional defenses.

  • Deception deployment for fail-safe intruder detection
  • Agentless detection and protection with 75+ deception techniques
  • Visibility of the attack from the attacker’s perspective
  • Automated deception customised to each endpoint
  • Automated evidence collection across the entire attack chain for audits and compliance

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