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Malicious insiders continue to be a persistent problem and can threaten the security of your organisation. With Insider Threat Management Services, our team partners with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your environment and provide best practices to help address these challenges quickly.


Save time and reduce risk by letting us help you find real insider threats

Gain a dedicated resource

Proofpoint makes it easier for you to protect your organisation from insider threats. Our insider risk management team will provide you with a single point of contact who understands your goals and is focused on helping you realise the full value of your solutions. We proactively advocate for your needs to resolve cases and ensure your solution is optimised for you.

Deploy better and faster

How you choose to approach and manage insider threats and risk is important. With our extensive experience across thousands of customers, we can accelerate deployment and ensure you’re set up to successfully take full advantage of your investment.

Achieve your business goals

We optimise our insider risk management to achieve your business goals and demonstrate results to your stakeholders. You get comprehensive training for your teams, strategic guidance and ongoing support. And you get these benefits in the way that works best for your organisation.

Insider Threat Management

Protect your IP and people from insider threats across the organisation.

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