Security Awareness Training Modules, Videos, and Materials: Key Features and Benefits

Training Modules Key Features and Benefits


  • Focused, "bite-sized" training
    Each of our standard modules provides an average of 10 to 15 minutes of interactive training about a specific security topic. End users participate in three to four lessons and end-of-lesson “challenges” to test their understanding of the security awareness materials. Our mini-modules are even more targeted, delivering 5 to 7 minutes of education about a topic in one to two lessons and challenges. Our approach is a stark contrast to monolithic training methods, which bombard users with multiple topics in a much lengthier presentation, with quizzes that are not integrated within the training.
  • Employee-driven interactivity
    End users must interact with our modules; they set the pace and drive progress, and they are required to exhibit a baseline level of proficiency on each lesson’s challenge before progressing. Modules can easily be completed in a single session, but users can use our Resume feature to bookmark their progress and restart a lesson or challenge at a later time if needed.
  • Immediate feedback
    End users receive feedback on each challenge question, whether it’s right or wrong. This helps them learn at every step; they will understand why their selection was correct or incorrect rather than seeing a basic “right/wrong” indicator.


We go well beyond “training completed” tallies to give you insightful reporting about your training assignments. Dynamic filtering, bar charts, and statistical comparisons give you both high-level and granular looks at your employees’ results and help you gather the business intelligence you need to effectively manage and tailor your efforts. Plus, our Training Leaderboard provides a dashboard-like view of top-performing individuals and departments, making it easy to apply gamification principles to your security awareness training program to further motivate and engage participants.


In addition to our purpose-written, research-based educational content, our Training Jackets allow you to add custom and personalised content to the beginning and end of each training module. You can remind users about specific organisation policies, attach a training completion certificate, include a policy acknowledgment screen, and more.


  • Automatic cybersecurity training assignments based on assessment results
    Our unique Auto-Enrollment feature — which is available with our ThreatSim® Phishing Simulations and our Predefined CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments — allows you to automatically deliver training to your most susceptible users. When Auto-Enrollment is enabled, any user who clicks on a ThreatSim simulated phishing attack or who falls below a preset proficiency score on a Predefined CyberStrength assessment can be automatically assigned the licensed training module(s) of your choice.
  • Intuitive learning management system (LMS)
    You can access and assign all licensed training modules via our feature-rich, SaaS-based Security Education Platform. Within this purpose-built LMS, you can also customise and schedule assignment reminders and other program communications.

Multinational Support

Multinational organisations can deliver cybersecurity training in more than 35 languages, which can be selected from a drop-down menu. Our professionally translated and localised content provides effective, consistent training to employees in all office locations. Items like domains, brands/logos, character names, currencies, and regional references (like dates/times and addresses) are language-appropriate, creating a more personal, relevant, and engaging learning experience for global users.


The majority of our training modules are now available in a mobile-responsive format that gives your users the flexibility to take training anytime, anywhere, on any type of connected device. Our modules conform to the U.S. Section 508 standard and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standard, which ensures that all available mobile-responsive modules can be accessed and completed by end users with disabilities.

Seamless Integration

Though our training modules can be used alone and serve as the centrepiece of your security awareness and training program, we recommend integrating your educational activities with our assessment and reinforcement tools. The modules are SCORM compliant for seamless integration into an existing learning management system (LMS), while both our CyberStrength and ThreatSim products support Auto-Enrollment.  This automatically links assessments and follow-up education, and our Education Materials reinforce the key messages and best practices delivered in our modules.

Awareness Video Campaigns Key Features and Benefits

Customisable Content

Awareness Video Campaign materials are accessible via our Security Awareness Materials portal and can be downloaded for your local use at any time during the length of your license. Once you obtain the files, you can add custom wrapper content to the beginning and end of each video (the video content itself is non-customisable). Companion posters and images — which use design elements and key messages from the videos — can be used to create signs, giveaways, screensavers, and other visual elements to further enhance your awareness initiatives and keep the conversation going. Incorporate logos and other company-specific information on the companion posters and use the images to create campaign elements that will resonate within your organisation.

Multinational Support

The security awareness videos and their corresponding posters are available in more than 25 languages. Once licensed, your organisation can designate multiple administrators who can access the portal and download files from their global locations, eliminating the need for a single administrator to distribute all translations internally. Simply select the preferred language from a dropdown menu in our Security Awareness Materials portal prior to downloading.

Education Materials Key Features and Benefits

Easy Access to Materials

Our easy-to-use online portal gives you unlimited access to our Education Materials. These training-related posters, images, and articles are available for direct download at any time during the length of your license.

Multiple Sizes and Formats

Security awareness posters are available in two sizes (11 in. x 17 in. and 24 in. x 36 in.) to easily display in common areas throughout your organisation as your users complete their training assignments. Our images can be downloaded at a 1024 x 768 resolution to incorporate into screen savers, electronic message boards, intranets, and other visual media. And for ideal additions to company newsletters, employee email alerts, and other communications, our purpose-written articles can be conveniently downloaded from our portal.

Multinational Support

Our Cybersecurity Education Materials are available in more than 15 languages, so multinational organisations can reinforce best practices in offices around the globe.