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Essentials Email Encryption

Proofpoint Essentials Email Encryption helps small and medium-sized businesses automatically encrypt emails. This helps reduce the potentially negative impacts of data loss. Securing emails that contain sensitive data is one of your top priorities. As you know, losing confidential data or customer information can result in fines, bad press, and loss of customer trust. More than two-thirds of an organisation’s intellectual property is exchanged via email among offices, partners, and customers. Your people may be sending sensitive content unencrypted. Without proper compliance and internal policy oversight, you may run the risk of leaks and other exposure.

  • You can create filters that automatically identify outbound emails that should be encrypted
  • Your users can trigger encryption by using a pre-defined tag in the subject line
  • Your internal users, including the original sender and internal recipients, can compose, read and respond to encrypted emails in their inboxes
  • External users can use Secure Mail, a web-based interface, in order to read and respond to encrypted emails they receive

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