14 Types of Phish and
How to Defend Against Them


Recorded on 19th March 2024

Phishing isn’t just about clumsy emails from far-away princes needing your help to unlock their fortune! It’s a sophisticated game played by cybercriminals who’ve mastered the art of deception. Join our cybersecurity experts as they uncover with real examples the 14 most cunning types of phishing attacks that threaten organisations in EMEA:

  1. BEC (Business Email Compromise): the silent assassin that infiltrates your inbox, masquerading as a trusted colleague or executive. Learn how to spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  2. Smishing (SMS Phishing): discover how cyber crooks manipulate your phone to steal your secrets.
  3. TOAD Attacks (Telephone-Oriented Attack Delivery): ever felt like your device had a mind of its own? We’ll expose the dark magic behind TOAD attacks.
  4. Spear Phishing: the personalised strike! Understand how cyber adversaries tailor their bait just for you.

…and 10 more!

Unlock the secrets of phishing defence. Join us on this exclusive webinar.

Carl Leonard, Cybersecurity Strategist
Davide Canali, Sr Threat Research Manager