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The Art & Science of Building a Security Culture

With more than 85% of breaches involving human error, teaching your employees how to thwart cyber attacks is critical for the security of your organisation. CISOs and their teams need to adapt a modern approach to security awareness training that drives behavioural change and eventually a security culture. 

Watch a 'not-to-be-missed', EMEA talk with special guest Andrew Rose, Resident CISO at Proofpoint and Jenny Radcliffe, Renowned Social Engineer, Cybersecurity Expert. Gain insights, information and tools to build a security culture that engages and educates your users and turns them into active defenders against phishing and other cyber attacks, including: 

  • How to build security awareness programs to create sustained behaviour change
  • The organisational challenges of creating a security culture
  • How users are changing and how this impacts security culture development
  • The role of key performance indicators and how to measure success


Security culture starts with people

Software is only the beginning—security works best when it’s ingrained in the culture of your organization. Here are some extra resources to help you build a security culture at your organisation during cybersecurity awareness month and beyond. Start here!