Compliances Series Dec 21


Content Capture: Stay Compliant and Embrace Modern eCommunications

Modern business communication doesn't just take place through email - it takes place across many channels; collaborative, social chat and voice.

For organisations to remain compliant and efficient, they need a new class of compliance platform. One that is agnostic of type of eCommunication, meets requirements for record-keeping while maintaining powerful search and eDiscovery capabilities together with Early Case Assessment. 

In fact, organisations who need to supervise their communications need a powerful and efficient method of removing noise and finding the right "needle in the haystack".

Join this 30-minute live session as we look deeper into a functioning "universal archive" that captures modern communications from various sources and brings them together as a "single pane of glass". 

In this sessions, you will learn:

  • What is required to achieve a holistic perspective on eCommunications
  • What are the core organisational and financial benefits of employing the Right content capture strategy