Cyberthreat Game Changer: A New Look at Insider Threats

With the massive shift to remote working in 2020, organisations are racing to rethink their security programs to both guard against external attacks and manage insider risk. Many organisations treat these two issues as equal, when the people-centric nature of insider threats requires an entirely different approach. 

Modern approaches to insider threat management must account for accidental, compromised and malicious insiders. These trusted insiders can be employees, partners or third-party contractors. A critical challenge is building practical, technology enabled insider threat management programs that account for these different insider threat types, while protecting against potential data and intellectual property loss. 

Watch this live discussion about insider threat management and how best to mitigate insider risk. Rob Bolton, Sr Director at Proofpoint Information Protection and Brandon Dunlap will be discussing:

- The unique risks of insider threats and how to protect against data loss
- Practical tips inspired by real-world breaches
- How to take a people-centric approach to strengthen resilience and reduce insider risk