Email Security #1 Threat Vector

In 2020, what is a cyber criminal’s weapon of choice? As attacks against your organisational firewalls fade away, what’s next? Leading research from the FBI and Forrester Wave shows that email is today's number one threat vector and the threat email poses changes and evolves more rapidly than ever before. If you work in Information Security, you already know that you and your team have a hard time keeping up with email security due to the volume of attacks coming from email.

Watch Matt Cooke of Proofpoint to discover how to keep pace within the rapidly moving email threat vector and best practice ways to protect your people and data from email attacks, and in particular you will learn:

- The latest email attack vector threat data and trends for email cyber attacks
- How best to defend your people and data with Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection
- How to streamline your incident response process for email threat vectors

Join us as we go deep and show you how to better protect against email, the number one threat vector for your business