Keeping Learners Engaged in October and Beyond

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Our latest research in the 2023 State of the Phish Report revealed that although most organizations surveyed have security awareness programs, most struggle to make their programs effective. Considering learner engagement is essential to an effective security program, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is often used to inject new life into security education. But how can we keep the hype of Cybersecurity Awareness Month going for the month of October and beyond?

Watch this a 45-minute discussion, the first of a two-part series, and learn about:

  • Revitalizing approaches to Cybersecurity Awareness Month
  • Knowing your audience, resources, and goals
  • Incorporating a threat-driven focus
  • Enabling ongoing awareness efforts 

This is part one of the two-part webinar series, How to Optimize Your Campaign for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.