Leveling Up Your CISO-Board Relationships

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 5 PM BST  | Zoom

At a time when cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and impacting organizations of all sizes, the board-CISO relationship is becoming more vital. To protect people and data, CISOs must communicate effectively with their boards, put threats in perspective, foster collaboration, and drive accountability.  

Equally, board members need to better understand how cybersecurity vulnerabilities can affect their company's business goals.  

Join us for this 30-minute live webinar and hear from Proofpoint’s Global Resident CISO, Lucia Milică to learn about:  

  • New research outlining board views on cybersecurity  

  • The current level of understanding between CISOs and their boards  

  • How confident boards feel about their cybersecurity posture and the top threats they face 

Featured Speaker

Lucia Milică

Global Resident Chief Information Security Officer, Proofpoint

Lucia Milică Stacy currently serves as Global Resident Chief Information Security Officer at Proofpoint. She is a senior technology leader with extensive technical and business experience. In her previous role, Lucia was the VP, Chief Information Security Officer & Chief Privacy Officer for Polycom, responsible for all aspects of data privacy and information security. Previously she held leadership and technical roles in IT governance & strategy, security risk and compliance, corporate and product security, data privacy, and IT infrastructure at companies including Polycom, HP, Palm, Wells Fargo, Franklin Templeton. Lucia also serves as an advisory board member for several organizations and holds a Master in Business Administration and Juris Doctorate, in addition to pursuing a Master of Science in Information and Cybersecurity from University of California, Berkeley. Lucia is also an active contributor to the cybersecurity industry and relevant industry groups including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) 405(d) Cybersecurity Task Group and SC Media Advisory Board.