Delivering Protection, Compliance and Insights With Data

Threat and Risk Assessment

Learn how Proofpoint solutions use data and deliver on the protection of, compliance for, and insights into the people in your organisation.

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Threat Detection

NexusAI-powered analysis and threat detection

From the beginning, Proofpoint has used AI and machine learning to give you complete and constantly evolving protection against a wide range of external threats. For example, you can identify URLs and webpages used in phishing campaigns. And you can combat business email compromise by detecting imposter messages to identifying anomalous user activity in cloud accounts. Proofpoint uses NexusAI and its trillions of datapoints to continuously protect your people and your organisation against attackers.

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Compliance Analysis

Augment compliance supervision with AI

During the process of compliance supervision, your team is faced with false positives and reviewer fatigue. And this can lead to mistakes and wasted time. With NexusAI for Compliance, you get a cost-effective way to extend machine learning insights across all of your monitored users. By using adaptive targeted culling, you can safely remove as much of the “message haystack” from your reviewer queues as possible. This reduces fatigue and errors, and saves your team valuable time.

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