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Announcing Exciting Updates to Proofpoint Solution Bundles

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At Proofpoint, we place a high focus on innovating to protect our customers from threats and to reduce their risk. Our teams work tirelessly to deliver amazing new products that address issues such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), supplier risk and data loss prevention (DLP).

We also know that each of these products we deliver needs to be integrated and orchestrated with other Proofpoint products to provide end-to-end defense. As such, we’ve been very intentional in creating simple solution bundles that allow an organization to acquire, deploy and realize the power of our products. As an example, our bundles that bring our Security Awareness Training and TRAP automation products together produce incredible risk and operational cost reductions.

Today, we are very excited to share an update on the new (and in some cases exclusive) capabilities we include in our Proofpoint bundles. Below, we explore what they are and the value they bring.

Visibility into People-centric Risk within Your Organization 

Exclusively available through the Proofpoint bundles is Nexus People Risk Explorer. Bringing threat and risk telemetry from our Email, Cloud, Awareness Training and other products, this new dashboard provides powerful insights into which group of users has the highest risk within the company. Click here to learn more about Nexus People Risk Explorer — this is a valuable executive dashboard exclusively made available through our Proofpoint bundles.

Bundles Dashboards

Utilizing Proofpoint Isolation to Protect Against Malicious URLs

Unfortunately, attackers continue to abuse URLs as part of their attack chain as they target people. This threat has only increased with the adoption of cloud applications. Based on Proofpoint research, we see platforms such as Microsoft O365, Google and Dropbox are just some of the most abused. Malicious URL links to cloud applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint Online are being used as the attackers' playground to lure users into credential phishing and ransomware. In response to this growing threat, we made available at the end of 2020 in all of our bundles for Very Attacked People to be protected with TAP URL Isolation. Today, we’re excited to announce that we are upgrading our P1+ bundles to support all Proofpoint licensed users with TAP URL Isolation. So, if you are a customer of our P1+ bundles, TAP URL Isolation for all users in your company is available to you starting today.

Protecting Against Supplier Risk—A Growing Vector In Your Organization 

The recent breaches that are top of mind for us security professionals highlight the risk introduced by compromised suppliers. Be it through cloud account compromises or lookalike domains, threat actors are launching attacks by leveraging the trust relationship you have with your suppliers. In response, together with Proofpoint’s Email Fraud Defense and as part of our P1+ bundles, Supplier Risk Explorer is a tool that empowers you to understand what risk a supplier poses by providing visibility of supplier lookalike domains and the threats supplier domains are sending to your organization.

Something Special for Customers With Fewer Than 5000 Users 

Mitigating risk with a limited cybersecurity budget is a perennial challenge. And with the growing number of incidents targeting smaller organizations, we wanted to do something special for our customers with up to 5000 users on Proofpoint solutions. We have created a new option for the P1+ bundle just for such organizations and have added Proofpoint’s Internal Mail Defense into the bundle. Internal Mail Defense provides protection around the internal emails between employees and helps detect compromised accounts within the organization.

Enterprise DLP Bundle – Addressing People Risk Towards Your Information 

Proofpoint’s Information Protection platform continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Our people-centric approach to this problem is having a huge positive impact on our customers who are using Proofpoint to address their concerns on data loss prevention and insider threat management. Many of our customers have adopted our Enterprise DLP bundle to cover their needs across the channels of endpoint, cloud and email. As part of this Enterprise DLP bundle, Proofpoint also includes Insider Threat Management (ITM) licenses for up to 3% of your licensed users to help kick start your company’s ITM program. It’s an amazing bundle that brings the alerts into one console across all channels into a people-centric timeline. Yan view, manage and remediate alerts from the cloud-native console

Proofpoint Bundles— A Simple and Effective Way to Address Your Protection Needs 

Proofpoint’s bundles are designed as a journey together as you add to your security protection and reduce your organizational risk. In each tier, select Proofpoint products integrated and orchestrated together solve different problems that are top of mind for us protecting our most valuable asset – our people.


To learn more about our bundles, visit us here. Or reach out to your Proofpoint contact to either get access to the new capabilities in your existing bundle or migrate to a bundle if you’re not on one to experience the power of these great new Proofpoint capabilities built to protect you and your people.