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AI-powered protection for your people and your data

PX: The fastest way to augment Microsoft 365 defense

The most efficient way to augment Microsoft 365.

  • Deploy in minutes via inline+API using simplified and preconfigured settings
  • Get powerful insights into your Very Attacked People and threat forensics
  • Detect, block, and automate the remediation of BEC, ransomware and supplier attacks that bypass Microsoft 365 defense
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P0: Advanced email and cloud security

All PX bundle features and inbound email hygiene and more advanced, customizable protection against highly targeted threats.

  • Get visibility into user risk with a dedicated dashboard and insights
  • Enhance protection against threats like spear phishing, ransomware and supplier fraud with click-time protection and sandboxing
  • Isolate rewritten email clicks for your Very Attacked People (VAPs)
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P1: Secure and train your employees

All P0 bundle features and industry-leading security awareness training that turns your employees into a strong line of defense.

  • Augment P0 threat protection with a robust security awareness training platform using integrated email security data
  • Tailor security awareness programs based on actual threats users receive
  • Leverage threat simulations using thousands of templates in 40+ languages
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P1+: The most advanced protection

All P1 bundle features and additional protection against highly complex BEC and supply chain attacks.

  • Stop inbound BEC attacks that spoof your company’s domain or users' identity with DMARC (and beyond)
  • Get visibility into complex supply chain attacks with a dedicated supplier risk dashboard
  • Prevent internal email threats sent from compromised accounts (up to 5,000 users)
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Enterprise DLP: Defend your data

Defend your data and fight insider risk with our people-centric DLP approach.

  • Prevent insider-led data breaches and accelerate incident response to mitigate damage
  • Stop data loss across cloud, email, endpoint and web with contextual alerts across a unified, cloud-native console 
  • Block cloud threats with a global, people-centric solution that prevents account takeovers, file exfiltration, third party OAuth risks and more
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