Proofpoint Unveils New Security Awareness Features to Educate Users About Today’s Most Advanced Cyber Threats

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Adaptive groups, ML levelled phishing, and new content prepare users to defend themselves and their organisations

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Sept. 12, 2023 – Proofpoint, Inc., a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, today unveiled brand new features and content to its award-winning suite of security awareness solutions designed to prepare users to defend themselves and their organisations against today’s most advanced cyber threats. Announced at Proofpoint Wisdom 2023, these enhancements greatly simplify user training with automated capabilities to easily create a tailored approach to learning combined with engaging new content designed to capture and sustain user interest.

“Despite the best efforts of organisations to make their users aware of cybersecurity incidents, awareness is still woefully insufficient. Many users do not know what ransomware is and struggle to spot phishing emails,” said Alan LeFort, SVP and GM, security awareness, Proofpoint. “Creating awareness programmes that identify the behaviours that need to change requires significant planning and a varied set of tools and approaches to ensure individuals are motivated and empowered to be part of the solution. The new capabilities we are announcing will provide an automated, timely threat-based approach to awareness making it easier to deliver smaller segments designed to inspire and engage learners.”

The new features announced today include:

Adaptive Groups: For organisations building an adaptive educational programme, this enhancement allows programme managers to easily automate actions based on user properties (e.g., members of the finance team who consistently fail phishing campaigns). This functionality will automatically populate the users in this unique group. The automated and adaptive nature also means the group is automatically updated, thereby eliminating administrative time and the possibility of manual error. (Q4, 2023)

ML Levelled Phishing: Both levelled phishing simulation templates and post-click experiences will be brought into the content library, making it easy to filter and search based on template difficulty, brands and more. A new post-click experience will provide an easier and more integrated way to search for the right level and type of simulation and follow-on learning to allow the tailoring of campaigns based on the role and knowledge level of the employee. (Q1, 2024)

New Content Formats: New and varied content is a key building block in enabling organisations to personalise learner experiences and build toward a programme that motivates employees to change their behaviour. 

  • When Emotions Run High is a situational live action short series, set in a modern office building that connects with learners through the main character’s internal dialogue about risky situations. A helpful voice is there to assure them that their best defence is applying common sense principles. (Q3, 2023)
  • Year-long Cybersecurity Hero Awareness Campaign provides an engaging, yet sustained and comprehensive approach to educate individuals about cyber threats and best practises. By using this year-long campaign, administrators can level up their training programme through incorporating a ready-made awareness programme that reinforces security principles over an extended period. (Q3, 2023)
  • New Games engage learners with game play. Anti-Phishing Phil, a long-time favourite on the platform is being re-created with a fresh and modern new look and game play while ensuring the teaching of security best practises for identifying and spotting malicious emails. The launch of Anti-Phishing Phil will be followed by more games currently in development. (Q3-Q4, 2023)
  • Addition to premium animation Hall of Hackers addresses the topic of insider threats in an animation style fitting for a series on your favourite streaming platform. The look is a mix of fun and sophistication, with narration and dialogue that is engaging and lighthearted. (Q3, 2023)
  • Nano training delivers punchy video clips in under 30 seconds that make an impression and reinforce a simple lesson that can nudge or prompt desired behaviours. (Q3, 2023)

Proofpoint Security Awareness is used by 6,000 customers to train over 58 million users. Our suite of products is employed by 67% of the Fortune 100 and features 1,500 phishing templates that run over 135 million phishing simulations each year. Organisations that implement our solution experience a 40% reduction of clicks on malicious email links. This year Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Certification programme had over 11,000 participants, providing those individuals with the fundamentals of how to identify threats while protecting their organisations.

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