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Security Awareness Training

Attackers target people more directly than ever, and 95% of all cybersecurity issues can be traced back to human error. Ensure your users know what to do when faced with a real threat by providing them with targeted, threat-guided education. Proofpoint Security Awareness empowers your people to defend your organization with a holistic solution resulting in 30% fewer clicks on real-world malicious links. It has been named a Gartner Leader in its Magic Quadrant for 6 years in a row.

A targeted, data-driven approach to making users resilient

Proofpoint takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity education and awareness and provides you with a proven framework that drives behavior change and real security outcomes. With Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, you get tailored cybersecurity education online that’s targeted to the vulnerabilities, roles and competencies of your users. And it provides that education in bite-sized chunks, so it creates sustainable habits. This ensures your users have the right response when they’re faced with sophisticated attacks. What’s more, it tracks all the metrics that your CISO needs.

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Build a culture of cybersecurity awareness and shape unsafe behaviors


PSAT Assess

Step one is to establish your organization’s baseline and understand where your user cybersecurity knowledge and program gaps are. Proofpoint Security Awareness helps inform your program focus through knowledge assessments, culture assessments, and phishing simulation tests that are driven by our threat intelligence. And it integrates with Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) to give you insights into your top clickers and Very Attacked People™(VAPs) in real-world attacks.

Proofpoint helps you identify what your users know, what they would do when faced with threats, and how they feel about security. These factors help you adapt your security awareness program to fit your users’ unique needs.

You get:

  • Phishing/USB simulations based on real-world threats
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Culture assessments
  • Reports that identify your VAPs and top clickers

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Change Behavior

PSAT Change

The next step towards better cybersecurity awareness is changing unsafe behavior. With our unique adaptive learning framework, you can assign targeted, threat-driven training to your users. This tailored online cybersecurity education helps you drive behavior change by focusing on your users’ needs and their areas of weakness. And it builds upon their security awareness knowledge on a regular basis.

Integrating with the Proofpoint email security solution, you can provide contextual nudges, alert your users about uncertain emails, and allow them to report suspicious messages using email warning tags. You can also reinforce positive behavior by customizing feedback to users who report suspicious messages.


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PSAT Evaluate

Finally, you can measure your Security Awareness Training program performance and benchmark your success against industry peers by capturing the metrics that matter. You can identify user-reported email accuracy rates, click rates, and reporting rates of both simulated and real-world attacks. And Security Awareness Training improves your program’s visibility so you can better communicate success to your executives. It also helps you focus on areas of improvement.

You get:

  • Benchmarking and other critical metrics with our CISO dashboard
  • Real-time reporting
  • Visibility into highly vulnerable users

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Expand and Scale

Example of how Proofpoint allows users to brand security awareness content

Throughout your program, Proofpoint Security Awareness helps you do more by giving you flexible approaches to operational efficiency. And you get the ability to scale for global reach.

You can delegate your program responsibilities while overseeing the program as a whole, and make group-wide decisions with our Multitenant Administration. This is a game-changing workflow. It can help you manage your program more effectively. And you can set it up for your specific use case and choose how to roll out the features.

What’s more, you can build a strong educational brand for your program. Proofpoint helps you customize selected micro-learning modules based on your corporate logo, colors, imagery, text and even voiceover, without taking away your time. Learn more about Customization Services.


  • Scale for large organizations with a global or distributed footprint
  • Gain visibility into company-wide education activities
  • Tailor your education for local users and specific requirements
  • Brand your security awareness content
  • Get expanded support for 40+ languages
Cyber Security Solutions, Services and Training


Determine your organization’s baseline and risk in security awareness. Identify your users’ knowledge gaps and what their attitudes and beliefs are about security awareness, so you can best determine the security awareness training and education they need. And assign the right simulations and assessments.

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Cyber Security Solutions, Services and Training

Change User Behavior

Keep your users engaged. Provide them with targeted cybersecurity education that can be tailored to their role, competency, vulnerability, learning style and language.

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Evaluate your security awareness training program’s performance. Measure and report its progress over time using metrics that capture behavior change, user vulnerability, and peer group analysis.

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