Security Awareness Training

Measure Programme Success

It’s important to evaluate your security programme success and determine what adjustments should be made to improve it. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training allows you to effectively measure your programme’s progress over time with metrics. Our CISO Dashboard captures behaviour change, reveals user vulnerability, and allows you to benchmark against your industry peers. This helps you level up your programme visibility. And it gives you the ability to better communicate that success to your executives.

Gain C-Level Visibility and Admin Actionability

With Proofpoint, you can benchmark programme success against your industry peers by capturing the metrics that matter. Our CISO Dashboard reveals reported email accuracy rates, click rates and reporting rates of both simulated and real-world attacks.

  • Track how your security awareness training programme compares to others in the same industry
  • Get real-time reporting on campaigns and assignments
  • Compare performance of the different components of your programme over time
  • Surface areas of focus needed in your programme

CISO Dashboard

Security Programme Score Summary

With the CISO Dashboard security programme score summary, you can track the health of your security programme over time. It shows you:

  • Your overall programme score
  • Performance of your different programme components
  • How you compare to others in your industry
  • Areas of focus needed in your programme

It also allows you to understand where your security programme needs attention by focusing on the trending graphs over a set period.

User Vulnerability Summary

The CISO Dashboard helps you quickly discover risky user populations and understand why they are vulnerable. Integrated with Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection, you get information on your most attacked people. And you can see vulnerability based on who is targeted by real attacks. This goes beyond standard performance in security awareness metrics.

Learn how to measure security awareness success

Real-Time Reporting

Get stakeholder insights to demonstrate progress and focus more on your programme strategy. Our real-time reports give you up-to-date information, so you can make data-driven decisions on your programme.

  • Get high-level progress views of specific assessments, training modules and phishing simulations
  • Demonstrate completion for compliance or audit purposes
  • Export a report quickly for a last-minute meeting or stakeholder request
  • Take action on users who are overdue on their assignments
  • Follow up individually with users who need more attention

Key Reporting Features

Our security awareness training reports include a wealth of information that can help you take your security programme to the next level and focus your resources where they are needed most. You get:

  • Better visibility. Proofpoint threat intelligence and people-centric data help you understand your user vulnerability and take action.
  • Benchmarking. See how you perform compared to peers in your industry and other Proofpoint customers, with quantifiable metrics and percentile rankings.
  • Custom properties. Create custom fields in your reports (e.g. department, region or country) and use them to better search and filter through the data you’re interested in.
  • Results API. Use our REST API to access training, phishing, knowledge assessment, users and email reporting information that can be integrated in common BI tools or LMS.

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