Defend Your Data Against Cloud Threats

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Recorded live on February 7, 2023

Stolen credentials accounted for 40% of all data breaches in 2021, according to 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report. Attackers pose as your organization’s users and access sensitive data in SaaS and IaaS environments. Legacy data loss prevention (DLP) tools can’t distinguish between legitimate users and attackers who access cloud applications and steal your data. Therefore, it’s imperative to employ an adaptive, modern DLP solution that focuses on people, and not just data.

Join our 30-minute webinar, the first in a three-part series on defending your data, to learn: 

  • How visibility across email and cloud environments can improve threat detection 

  • How correlating sensitive data manipulation with user behavior can limit threats 

  • Tips to tune your DLP program to defend against compromised users and data loss 

  • Controls you can put in place today to protect data in the cloud 

If you missed part 2 and 3, they are available to watch on-demand.

Part 2 - Defend Your Data Against Insider Threats: Stop Valuable Data from Leaving with Departing Employees

Part 3 - Defend Your Data with AI-Powered Classification for Efficient Enterprise DLP