Digital Compliance Risk

Find out how to eliminate compliance risks as you engage customers on digital channels


Protecting your web, social media and mobile app infrastructure and ensuring compliance is critical to maximising your digital investments. It’s up to you to safeguard your brand and customers and avoid costly compliance violations and audits.

Manage Digital Compliance & Governance

Increasingly, regulations require that you supervise all of your digital content to ensure that it complies with public-communications and retention rules from FINRA, SEC, FCA, IIROC and others. And all companies want to make sure digital customer engagement follows the organisation’s governance guidelines.

But, how can you run your digital programmes while ensuring compliance and governance?

Social Media Account Sprawl Introduces Risk

The average brand has 320 social media accounts, which makes it very complex to manage corporate governance and compliance. Organisations need to rein in account sprawl to ensure that rogue accounts aren’t introducing compliance and governance risks.

Manage social media account sprawl with automatic discovery and tracking of all your brand-affiliated accounts.

Manage Compliance Risks of Fraudulent Domains and Mobile Apps

Piggybacking on your company’s goodwill, criminals register domains and create mobile apps that imitate your brand. Then they bait your customers to give up their credentials, credit card details or other sensitive information. This can lead to real risks of financial losses, damaged brand reputation and compliance violations.

Monitor your brand’s domain and mobile app presence and take down suspicious domains and apps that pose a risk to your customers.



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