Multinational Bank Lassos Social Media Compliance and Brand Fraud Risks

In this case study, learn how a prominent multinational bank manages the challenge of angler phishing attacks on its Twitter customer support accounts and social media content reviews to ensure compliance.

The bank grew its presence across leading social media platforms to acquire, engage, and support customers. The goal: market services, promote community outreach and provide a new customer-service touch point. Yet, achieving these goals was troublesome.

All three of the bank’s social media challenges—poor visibility into its social footprint, a high volume of posts to manage, and angler phishing attacks—were too much for any team to solve manually. It needed an automated approach to keep customers safe.

Download this case study to learn how this financial services company:

  • Identified over 725 accounts linked to the brand, including over 80 fraudulent, protest, and unauthorized accounts
  • Automatically moderated 286,000 posts for harmful content and compliance violations
  • Generated real-time risk alerts for 6,014 acceptable use, 1,165 security, and 304 compliance incidents
  • Stopped angler phishing attacks that could have resulted in customer account compromise

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