Threat actors not only attack your users via corporate email, but also when they use personal webmail from their corporate devices. Proofpoint Email Isolation is a secure email solution built with simplicity at its core, based on intelligence from Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Isolation, to help lower your attack surface. Email Isolation integrates with TAP to provide you with additional adaptive controls. These allow corporate email to isolate URL clicks based on the risk profile of user or URL being clicked. Email Isolation also allows your users to access their personal email. And at the same time, it prevents malicious content from impacting your corporate devices.

Features and Benefits

Gain Adaptive Controls with TAP Integration

Proofpoint Email Isolation extends the capabilities of TAP. It does this by enabling risk-based isolation for URL clicks within corporate email. With our unique approach to protecting people, we can highlight your most attacked people and determine the riskiest URLs that get into your users’ inboxes. By doing this, we can isolate risky URL clicks to help prevent threats and credential phish from impacting your organisation. Email Isolation:

  • Provides adaptive controls integrated with TAP to isolate URL clicks based on risk
  • Provides secure use and protection of cloud collaboration tools, such as SharePoint and Dropbox
  • Allows your users to exit the isolated session of the URL they clicked within corporate email once it’s deemed safe by deep threat scans

Proofpoint Email Isolation Demo

Realise Immediate IT Cost Savings

IT organisations struggle to manage and provide security for personal webmail within the corporate environment. Most organisations choose to either allow or block all, but neither solution is perfect. If all personal webmail sites are allowed, it can introduce threats into the organisation. And if all personal webmail sites are blocked, then IT administrators can end up being burdened by requests from users to get access. Email Isolation is simple to deploy and manage, and it empowers you to protect hundreds of thousands of users in days, rather than in weeks or months. Our cloud-based remote browser solution makes it easy for you to stay ahead of attackers. Email Isolation:

  • Saves you money, eliminating the need for your IT team to manage personal webmail
  • Protects and secures all personal webmail browsing sessions
  • Requires no software installation, network configuration or management
  • Needs no registration (IP whitelist) or self-registration (email)

Leverage Advanced Isolation Technology

With our advanced and proven threat intelligence capabilities, we can extend advanced email security to personal webmail. All links inside Email Isolation are rendered using URL isolation technology. This allows your people to safely, confidently, and securely check their personal webmail at work. Email Isolation:

  • Defends against potentially malicious URL links in personal webmail with URL isolation technology
  • Does not allow external content, such as JavaScript or Active Content, to execute on corporate devices
  • Destroys user browser sessions when they are done and opens fresh browsers for every new session

Progressively Manage Personal Webmail

Email Isolation simply works—without fail. Now you can respect the privacy of your people when they access webmail. And without worrying about additional risk to your organisation. It's a win-win for everyone. Email Isolation:

  • Provides near-zero security risk for your corporate assets, so there’s no need to inspect and track corporate and personal web traffic
  • Encrypts web traffic with network anonymisation to protect your users’ identities
  • Protects employee privacy
  • Simplifies compliance

Enable Content Inspection and Security Monitoring Controls

It’s important to eliminate personal webmail as a source of cyber threats to help you reduce your potential exposure. Email Isolation enables secure and robust data monitoring and collection programs without collecting your users’ personal data. It allows you to:

  • Monitor what matters without violating compliance standards
  • Inspect web traffic outside of Email Isolation safely
  • Expand your cyber threat monitoring and control programs without worrying about remediating assets infected by malicious content from personal browsing