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With Proofpoint, you can empower your users to identify, report and avoid falling for threats. Our adaptive learning approach keeps your users engaged with micro-learning content that’s based on real-world threats. This means you can provide targeted education that’s tailored to your user vulnerabilities, roles, and competencies—and all in more than 40 languages. What’s more, you can create sustainable security habits with various “in-the-moment” contextual nudges. These include email warning tags, which can help to reinforce your users’ knowledge and positive behaviours.  

Change user behaviour with a more personalised learning experience

The Proofpoint content library provides you with a wide range of educational topics, formats, and support materials. Give your users a more personalised learning experience to help them build sustainable security habits. With our rich threat intelligence, our solution helps users understand real-world security risks, privacy threats and compliance rules. And it helps them integrate that knowledge into their behaviour.

  • Provide tailored education that targets user vulnerabilities and knowledge gaps.
  • Deliver content that’s driven by real threats seen in the wild, powered by world-class Proofpoint threat intelligence.
  • Alert users with contextual nudges and empower them to effectively report suspicious and malicious messages.
  • Create a truly global training programme that users across different regions and languages will understand.
  • Train the most attacked users on the threats that target them.
  • Ensure all users have foundational knowledge across key security domains within an hour.

Change Behaviour and Build Sustainable Habits

Learn how Proofpoint helps you keep users engaged and drive behaviour change. Our adaptive learning framework allows you to provide your people with a more personalised learning experience by tailoring training to their roles, skills, learning styles and more.

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Adaptive learning framework and micro-learning

Tailor your education to focus on your user knowledge gaps. And build a curriculum that targets the specific areas people need so it’s more relevant and engaging. Make the most of limited time and train your users with bite-size modules that give them the foundational knowledge they need to help defend against human-activated threats.

Threat-driven content

Teach your users to avoid and report malicious messages by giving them real-world threat examples embedded in training modules, which are powered by Proofpoint threat intelligence. Offer them a wide range of content in different media types to target their different learning styles. And engage them with our interactive scenarios that ask them to:

  • Identify emails that look suspicious
  • Determine what course of action to take once they receive a malicious email
  • Learn what context clues to look for in emails they receive in the future
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User-reporting behaviour

Empower your users to easily report phish

It’s important that you identify and stop phishing attacks that slip through perimeter technology. Make it easy for your users to report phishing via our email client add-in PhishAlarm. Proofpoint Threat Protection Platform customers can use our “report suspicious” capabilities in HTML-based email warning tags alongside PhishAlarm. And give your users immediate reinforcement via a pop-up message when they report a malicious email.

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Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR):

Informed employees can be your last line of defense against a cyber-attack. With CLEAR, the cycle of reporting, analyzing and remediating potentially malicious emails is taken from days to just minutes. Help your users stop active attacks in their tracks with just a click through our CLEAR solution, which is backed by our world-class threat intelligence and Security Awareness Training solutions. You can also save time and effort by automatically removing malicious emails from all user inboxes, using our Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) solution.

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Language offerings

Minimise the language barrier and engage your users with our security awareness product, which supports user training in more than 40 languages. And partner with an organisation that gives you the ability to provide critical education in most areas across the globe.

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