People-Centric Security Program

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Let us provide a holistic, coordinated set of services and project management designed to implement and improve people-centric security.

Synthesizing knowledge from data to improve your security posture

  • Implement: Ensure optimal controls and configuration for baseline protection.
  • Assess: Understand the threat patterns,trends, and targeting of your Very Attacked People (VAPs).
  • Adapt: Optimize and prioritize your controls and processes for your VAPs based on targeted threats and the shifting threat landscape.
  • Report and benchmark: Demonstrate your security progress and posture vs peers.

People-Centric Security Program Approach

Proofpoint can assist by providing a program and program management.

People-Centric Security Program

Translate Insight Into Results

Proofpoint products and our people-centric VAP charts provide you with unique and powerful insight. But translating insight into security results is not always an intuitive process. Even with conceptual understanding, results require people, skills and process that may not yet be a core competency. Let us help you translate data into action, resulting in better security.

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