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Business email compromise (BEC), ransomware and supply chain attacks are threatening your business

To block today’s integrated attacks, you need an integrated threat protection platform that will customize protection around your people before, during and after an attack.

See more, block better and remediate faster with Proofpoint Aegis


Full malware detection with threat attribution, impact and forensics.

Credential Theft

ML-based BEC and phishing detection.

Cloud Account Compromise

Compromised cloud account detection, forensics and remediation.

Supplier Fraud

Email authentication and supplier risk detection, warning tags and isolation.

Data Theft

Comprehensive DLP across cloud, email, endpoint and web.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

ML and behavioral detection, warning tags and awareness training.

Know who is being attacked and how
Comprehensive visibility

Know who is being attacked and how

  • Identify your Very Attacked People™ (VAPs).
  • Discover what threats are targeting them and how.
  • Understand the risk posed by your suppliers.
Detect more threats more accurately
Unparalleled efficacy

Detect more threats more accurately

  • Leverage the unparalleled efficacy of our AI/ML trained by trillions of data points over 20+ years.
  • Stay ahead of evolving threats with correlated intelligence across email, cloud and network data and insight into 49B+ URLs and 1.9B attachments daily.
  • Use integrated controls to customize protection and response based on your people’s risk.
Reduce your team’s workload
Operational efficiency

Reduce your team’s workload

  • Stop threats before they reach your organization, reducing the burden on your security teams and improving your people’s productivity.
  • Automate remediation of malicious and unwanted emails post-delivery, reducing investigation time and accelerating incident response.
  • Get flexible deployment options—change your mx record or let us deploy for you via inline+API.

Tap into our expertise with Managed Email Threat Protection Services and Managed Security Awareness Services

Here's how Proofpoint Aegis fights today’s top threats and augments Microsoft 365 security

Combat BEC

Stop the full range of BEC email fraud tactics with multilayered security controls and user awareness.

  • Detect and stop BEC with AI/ML precisely trained with trillions of data points.
  • Gain actionable insights into BEC tactics, threat actors and targeted users.
  • Prevent brand abuse during BEC attacks.

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Prevent phishing

Identify and prevent phishing attacks while transforming your employees into a strong line of defense. 

  • Accurately detect and prevent phishing attacks with superior AI/ML, threat intelligence and multilayered detection.
  • Build user resilience with simulations, threat-guided training and contextual nudges.
  • Automate triage and remediation of malicious messages.

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Fight ransomware

Identify and stop ransomware attacks with an integrated, people-centric strategy.

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Stop supplier fraud

Get total visibility into threats coming from your supplier domains.

  • Gain visibility into risky suppliers and identify malicious lookalikes of supplier domains.
  • Prevent brand impersonation with email authentication.
  • Isolate URLs within emails from risky suppliers.

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Augment Microsoft 365

Today, 83 of the Fortune 100 enhance their Microsoft 365 security with Proofpoint. Join them.

  • Detect and stop advanced threats that evade Microsoft security.
  • Gain insights into your people's risk and the threats targeting them.
  • Automate remediation of malicious and user-reported messages.

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Change user behavior

Transform your users into a strong line of defense with best-in-class education and training.

  • Assess user vulnerability via simulations and knowledge assessments.
  • Drive behavior change with threat-guided training and personalized learning.
  • Provide real-time contextual nudges via email warning tags.

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