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ACCO Brands Makes Email Security a Strategic Priority With Proofpoint Technology and Training

To safeguard its 6,000 users and business processes against email threats, the ACCO Brands IT team is building a more secure company culture, and Proofpoint solutions are a key part of its plan.

Acco Brands Customer Story
Michigan State University Enlists Proofpoint to Protect a Diverse Range of Users, Industries
When it comes to cybersecurity, education isn’t just a vertical market. It’s a multitude of them—municipal government, retail, entertainment, technology, energy, sanitation, food processing, agriculture, real estate, hospitality, logistics, to name a few.
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Shelter Insurance Prevents Fraudulent Email with Proofpoint
People-Centric Email Security Solution Halts Email Attacks, Domain-Spoofing
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Halifax Health
Preventing ransomware and other threats at Halifax Health.
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“Our culture has come a long way when it comes to being risk-aware, vigilant, and identifying and communicating when users think something is suspicious. Proofpoint solutions and training have helped us build a more secure-thinking organization.”

Sam Monasteri, vice president, global cybersecurity, ACCO Brands

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