Proofpoint email security
Proofpoint email security
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Comprehensive protection for your people, trusted by 87 of the Fortune 100

Stop the full range of attacks targeting your people, including human-targeted threats, impersonation attempts and supplier fraud.

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Siloed solutions can't fight the integrated attacks targeting your people

Organizations today face multifaceted cybersecurity threats that exploit human vulnerabilities. From human-targeted threats such as business email compromise (BEC) and ransomware to sophisticated impersonation and supplier-related breaches, the array of attacks is diverse and ever-evolving. Traditional defenses focused on siloed controls aren’t enough.

of cyber attacks are initiated via email
in exposed losses due to BEC
of organizations face attacks from compromised suppliers each month

Unparallelled, integrated defense adopted by half a million customers

Multi-layered threat defense that stops human-targeted attacks

The most comprehensive and effective targeted threat protection

Our multi-layered, adaptive threat defense stops targeted threats, including business email compromise, ransomware, credential phishing and other forms of social engineering.
In addition to threats, Proofpoint's provides defense in depth to detect and remediate account takeovers and safeguard privileged identities, effectively closing off attack paths and stopping lateral movement.

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Holistic impersonation protection

Our holistic impersonation protection defends your business communications from brand abuse, prevents 100% domain spoofing and secures delivery of your application email.

  • Simplified email authentication that protects your business from domain abuse
  • Malicious lookalike domain detection reveals a complete view of newly registered domains that pose as your brand.
  • Secure email deliverability for both your outbound user email and application email.

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Impersonation Protection

Proactive supplier defense

We employ advanced monitoring and analytics to proactively identify and mitigate risks from third parties. By integrating behavioral AI, we enhance the detection of anomalous activities, ensuring that supplier-related vulnerabilities are addressed swiftly. This comprehensive approach ensures that your entire supply chain is secure.

  • Advanced monitoring continuously tracks supplier activities to promptly identify and respond to security threats.
  • Behavioral analysis leverages artificial intelligence to predict and mitigate risky supplier behaviors.
  • Integrated risk management seamlessly combines supplier risk assessments with overall cybersecurity measures to enhance protection.
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"Proofpoint offers secure ways to integrate cloud technologies with our current platforms. It enables us to be adaptable and meet users’ needs, as well as be prepared for new and changing threats.” — CIO, Michigan State University


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