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Contain Insider Threats

Insider Threat Management

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Insider threats are a growing problem

The shift to hybrid work, accelerated cloud adoption and business disruption have created a perfect storm for insider threats. 30% of global CISOs state that insider threats is their biggest concern in the next 12 months.

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of organizations experience data loss incidents in the past year

Prevent data loss from careless, compromised and malicious users.

Key benefits of our Insider Threat Management product

Seeing is securing

Get a complete view of user activity in an easy-to-grasp timeline that shows the “who, what, when, and where” of insider activity. Monitor your riskiest users and use out-of-the-box rules to quickly and easily detect risky behavior.

Get the facts, fast

See detailed behavior (and optional screenshots) of user activity for clear, irrefutable evidence that a user is careless, compromised or malicious.

Fast Facts alerts

Strike a balance between security and privacy

Privacy controls help avoid bias and meet compliance rules. Privacy-by-design controls integrate visibility, transparency, and user-centricity. You can strike the right balance between keeping the organization safe and maintaining user privacy.

Balance Privacy

Keep a closer eye—and tighter reins—on risky users

Prevent data exfiltration through common data loss channels such as USB, web upload, cloud sync, print and network share. With Proofpoint, you can ramp up endpoint controls based on each user’s risk profile. Go from monitoring to prevention when needed and educate users with pop-up notifications and in-the-moment coaching.

Files blocked alert

Get started quickly and save time

Achieve rapid time to value with ease of deployment. Eliminate help desk tickets and save time with Proofpoint’s lightweight, user-mode endpoint agent that lets users get their job done without creating instability or conflicting with other solutions.

Uplevel your ITM program

Let us help you be successful. Maximize the return on your investment with Proofpoint services. We provide proactive expertise to protect your data, staff continuity to augment your team, and executive insights to convey the value of the program.

Key Features

Key features that contain insider threats

Activity timeline with user actions and context

Easy-to-understand timeline shows user interactions with data and behavior on the endpoint. See when users:

  • Change a file extension
  • Rename files with sensitive data
  • Upload to an unauthorized website
  • Copy to a cloud sync folder
  • Install or run unauthorized software
  • Conduct security admin activity
  • Try to hide their tracks
  • Browse to an unapproved website
Event timeline alerts

Robust alert library. Immediate value.

Out-of-the-box alert libraries make setup easy so you can start getting value right away. You can use and adapt prebuilt insider threat scenarios or build rules from scratch.

Robust Alert Library

Unified console

Gather telemetry from endpoints, email and cloud for multichannel visibility in a centralized dashboard. Intuitive visualizations help monitor risky activity, correlate alerts from different channels, manage investigations, hunt for threats and coordinate response with stakeholders. Dive deep into alerts to see the metadata and gain contextualized insights to quickly understand which events need a further look and which ones can be closed out.

Alert Dashboard

Automated content scanning and classification

Identify sensitive data with data-in-motion content scanning that reads data classification labels created with Microsoft Information Protection. Augment your data classification efforts with proven best-in-class content detectors from Proofpoint Cloud DLP and Proofpoint Email DLP to protect your intellectual property.

Easy integration

Every security environment is different. To work seamlessly with your existing workflows, webhooks make it easy for your SIEM and SOAR tools to ingest alerts to help identify and triage incidents quickly. Automatic exports to your owned and operated AWS S3 storage makes even the most complex security infrastructures easy to integrate.

Flexible data controls

With data centers in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan, we can help you meet data residency and storage rules. Separate endpoint data by geography with easy grouping. Limit analysts’ access to specific users’ data on a strict need-to-know basis and within a defined period of time.

Privacy controls

Privacy controls help your business meet compliance requirements and maintain trust with employees. You can hide a user’s identity to protect their privacy while eliminating bias in investigations. Data masking keeps data private and ensures data is only viewable on a need-to-know basis.

Sharing made simple

Data interactions, application use and screen captures of endpoint activity provide irrefutable evidence for investigations. Export records of risky activity across multiple events as a PDF and other common formats for easy sharing and cross-team collaboration.


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