Combat Data Loss and Insider Risk

The Human Element Behind Data Loss

Get Visibility and Contextual Insights
Get Visibility and Contextual Insights
Mitigate External and Internal Data Risk
Mitigate External and Internal Data Risk
Streamline Incident Response
Streamline Incident Response

Detect and Protect

Prevent sensitive information from leaking outside your organization via email

  • Identify and analyze sensitive data unique to your organization.
  • Detect data exfiltration transmissions and automate regulatory compliance. 
  • Integrate email data analysis with cloud, endpoints and more via Proofpoint Enterprise DLP.
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Control in the Cloud

Safeguard cloud apps that house sensitive data and protect users from cloud threats

  • Discover and protect regulated cloud data with out-of-the-box information protection policies.
  • Identify your Very Attacked People™ (VAPs) and protect their cloud accounts and data. 
  • Address data risks from negligent, compromised and malicious users.
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Context for your People is Everything

Connect the dots between content, behavior and threats

  • Mitigate data loss risk and accelerate ROI with customized alerts. 
  • Correlate content with threats and behavior risk to make faster decisions on responding to negligent, compromised and malicious users. 
  • Implement data loss prevention everywhere your users operate—from email to cloud and endpoint.
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Insider Threat Management

Manage insider threats and prevent data loss at the endpoint

  • Identify risky user behavior and data interaction.  
  • Prevent insider-led security incidents and data loss from endpoints.  
  • Respond more quickly to user-caused incidents.
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Web Safety

Protect confidential data while your employees are on the web

Proofpoint Web Security combines comprehensive protection against advanced web threats with our market-leading data loss prevention capabilities.

  • Protect your hybrid workforce from downloaded zero-day malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks from wherever they connect.
  • Get unified, real-time data loss prevention from personal webmail and unapproved SaaS apps across channels.
  • Isolate web traffic to prevent uploads/downloads and prevent copy/paste functionality with integrated Browser Isolation.
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Boost DLP Efficacy

AI-powered intelligence for data at rest, to optimize its protection in motion

  • Identify business-critical data in on-premises and cloud repositories at scale, unlike legacy approaches
  • Receive prioritized recommendations on where to focus for the greatest impact to reduce your data risk
  • Get auto-generated keyword dictionaries that integrate into your Proofpoint DLP for immediate cross-channel protection, including in email, cloud, endpoint or web
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Trained to Protect

A higher education in security

Help your users safeguard data at your organization with Proofpoint Security Awareness Training. 

  • Proactively identify potentially negligent users.
  • Change behavior and ensure compliance.
  • Transform your employees into effective data defenders.
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Managed Services for Information Protection

Augment your data protection program with the right people and processes

  • Leverage our expertise to streamline your data protection program.
  • Take operations and compliance burdens off internal teams. 
  • Seamlessly integrate Proofpoint and other information protection offerings.
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