Secure Microsoft 365

Next-level protection and compliance for Microsoft 365

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Stop Account Compromise
Stop Account Compromise
Defend Your Data
Defend Your Data
Simplify Compliance
Simplify Compliance

How Proofpoint Helps You Secure Microsoft 365

Secure Microsoft 365

Better Defense

People-centric protection for Microsoft 365

Proofpoint offers integrated email, cloud and employee awareness security solutions to help you identify, block and resolve Microsoft 365 threats. 

  • Block attacks before the inbox.
  • Fight cloud attacks.
  • Educate users to identify and flag threats.
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Data Protection

Integrated security for Microsoft 365 data

Organize your Microsoft 365 data loss prevention around people with Proofpoint.

  • Get visibility into data loss risk.
  • Secure your information.
  • Streamline incident response.
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Conquer Compliance

Modernize Compliance and Archiving for Microsoft 365

Collect, archive and monitor sensitive Microsoft 365 communication in a compliant and legally defensible way.

  • Meet compliance requirements with ease.
  • Manage the cost and complexity of staying in compliance at scale.
  • Get greater insight into archived data.
Learn how to modernize compliance and archiving

App Confidence

Stop cloud app threats before they stop you

Get comprehensive protection for Microsoft 365 and all the cloud apps your people use daily with our complete security suite. 

  • Get insight into cloud app access and uncover malicious activity.
  • Leverage holistic threat intelligence.
  • Empower users to respond to the cloud app threats that reach them.
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Secure Microsoft 365 24/7

Here’s how your free trial works:

  • Meet with our cybersecurity experts to assess your environment and identify your threat risk exposure
  • Within 24 hours and minimal configuration, we'll deploy our solutions for 30 days
  • Experience our technology in action!
  • Receive report outlining your security vulnerabilities to help you take immediate action against cybersecurity attacks

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